How to Take an Epic Earth Picture

Above is the single picture I get asked about most often. Click through to find out how I made it.

The actual method is really quite simple. In a gist:
  1. Take a panoramic shot
  2. Apply a stereographic filter to the panorama
  3. [Optional] Crop edges

This uses the same concept as the more common mini-planet shots. By taking this and applying the filter to panorama’s you take outside a plane window, you get the picture above.

Here is the non-stereographic version:
Some tips to keep it mind:
  • I have many other versions but this turned out best because the scene had a lot of texture and a good cloud:land:sky:water ratio to make it look realistic when filter was applied.¬†Too much water and your planet will look blue
  • Get the widest possible panoramic shot you can (obviously not the easiest thing to do when you’re restricted by a window)

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