Pizookie Time

Yesterday I tried BJ’s famous Pizookies for the first time. Zoom In for my thoughts…

As a self-proclaimed chocoholic and sweet tooth, the first bite of the melting ice cream and warm cookie was heavenly. The pairing of the two melting and cooling my mouth at the same time was amazing. As my ice cream levels depleted though, the cookie became a bit too¬†sweet. Now I don’t say that lightly – in fact, I’m usually fond of insanely sweet Indian treats. Though the fact that I thought it was too sweet makes me wonder how others will take it. Maybe I just ate the ice cream too quick and didn’t leave enough for the end, but either way I feel like the cookie can be toned down a bit and still make an amazing dessert. My only other issue was that the bottom of the cookie stuck to the tray too much. It was slightly difficult to scoop up the cookie in complete chunks without the bottom breaking off. Overall I think it’s¬†definitely a good dessert item to have once in a while. I didn’t bother looking at the calorie count, but rest assured the nearest paramedics are about a mile away from me.

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