$1 IPhone Macro Lens

Macro lenses for iPhones and smart phones these days are usually quite expensive. Here’s how to make an iPhone macro lens with a $1 laser pointer.

1. Get a cheap $1 laser pointer from the dollar store or online and disassemble it. It’ll look something like this when its disassembled:

(This image is from online since I can’t find my laser pointer anymore)

2. In between the first and third segment there should be a lens that focuses the laser. This can be in different place depending on your model but you’ll know it when you see it. Eventually you’ll find a lens that looks like the one below.

3. Attach it to your iPhone using a small piece of tape stuck around its edge. It should be small enough that it doesn’t interfere with the view of the iPhone.

4.Take amazing macro shots! Note that the depth of field is extremely narrow and you’ll have to be less than an inch away from your subject. Though you can get some pretty amazing shots like below. More on my Instagram (@ZiggyMo).

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    • Nice, I saw this previously as well. It’s definitely a lot more robust and I may consider making it too! Though for now, being a college student I opted for ‘ridiculously cheap’ ;)

  1. Quite an good idea, I would say you have a creative mind. Have never tried anything such before but would love to make use of this technique to have some pictures like this to have on my blog. Looking forward to more such ideas.

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