How Do I Get Instagram Followers – 7 Steps to get Instagram Followers & Likes

I currently have ~7000 followers on Instagram. If you’re not following me, follow me now @ZiggyMo. I always get asked by people how they can acquire more followers and get more likes. Here’s how…

  1. Tag your pictures – The simplest way to get more followers is to tag your pictures. Tag them strategically using a combination of relevant and popular tags. Go to and copy the most popular tags into your pictures right away. I guarantee you at least 20 likes in the first 2 minutes. Get more Instagram likes now. These likes show up in other people’s feeds and are a good source of followers.
  2. Comment on other picture’s – This is perhaps one of the most essential ways to get followers. Commenting on another picture sets your place in that person’s mind. Though more difficult than other options. This is a true and tested way to get more people to interact with your pictures.
  3. Like other pictures – You can get all the likes you want, but if you’re not interacting back with the community you’re not going to get followers. When someone likes your pictures, immediately go to their profile and like a few of theirs. Time is of the essence. Imagine if you like a pic and got a few likes back instantly. How would you feel?
  4. Follow others – You can’t ask for something and not give back. Don’t be stingy with who you follow. If people see that you don’t follow anyone, they’re less likely to follow you too. Instagrammers follow each other with the slight hope that they will get followed back. If you’re following less than 200 people, you’re not giving them any hope.
  5. Get shout-outs – There are plenty of shout-out Instagram profiles. I personally prefer @topquality_shoutouts the shout-outs they gave garner a lot of likes and followers because they are an exclusive network. There are many other shout-out networks. Find some and get on them.
  6. Post quality pictures – If you don’t have quality pics nothing else matters. No one will follow you if you don’t post good pictures. First off, stop posting pictures of text (tweegram, screenshots of notes, etc). They don’t add any credibility to your profile. Start spending more time crafting your pictures and delete old ones that are not up to par.
  7. Promote your account – Start simple, ask your friends to follow you. Post your ID on facebook. The more followers you have the more credibility you will have. To build the initial momentum if you just started your account, make sure everyone you already know follows you.
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  1. Hey is it ok to have 45 followers when most of your friends have 50-200 followers and give them a shoutout

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