I Love Craigslist, Here’s How To Make The Most Of It

For all the crap Craigslist gets these day, I still love it. The beauty is in its simplicity. eBay is a cluttered mess compared to Craigslist. Scanning through linked titles searching for what you want is super efficient and easy with its “1990s” look. Here’s 5 quick tips to enjoy Craigslist as much as I do.

1. Search with negations – Use negations when searching. When searching for an iPhone for example, you’ll get results for people unlocking/jailbreaking/fixing/etc. Eliminate those results by simple adding a ‘-‘ before any word you’d like to remove from results. Here’s a query I use when searching for an iPhone 4: 

“iphone 4 -4s -3gs -droid -repair -mobile -city -fix -damage -screen -3g -service -services”

Sure its a lot of negations and takes an extra 5 seconds, but you’ll get way better results.

2. Search with a price range – If you know iPhone 4’s sell for around $150 – $250, narrow down the listings further by specifying the price range. At this point 99% of your results should be pertinent to what you’re looking for.

3. Use IFTTT – Once you’ve come up with a good search query using the above two steps, use IFTTT to get SMS alerts when a new ad is posted. This is especially useful for when there aren’t many listings for a product as buying can get competitive. Get an edge by contacting the seller right when they post it.

4. Post a ‘Wanted’ ad – Don’t like browsing through Craigslist? Craigslist has a section specifically for posting ‘wanted’ ads. Just post an ad with what you’re looking for and people will come to you. Many times, I’ve found you can get things for cheaper by posting ‘wanted’ ads because some people that reach out to you are more desperate to sell quickly.

5. Post with tags – Help people find your ad easier by adding some tags at the bottom of your post. Include common misspellings and variations of the product. I’ve written a whole post on this previously including how to hide your tags by changing the font color.

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