Free Mac Text Expansion Tool (Built-In)

In an attempt to streamline my advanced customer support system *ahem* email for my side project, I started looking for some text expansion tools. If you’re not looking for something too fancy and just works, the built-in Mac (I believe it was introduced in Lion) text expander is great. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Go to ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Keyboard’.
2. Click the ‘Keyboard’ tab on the top and then click ‘Input Sources…’.

3. Choose the ‘Text’ tab in the top row and click ‘+’ to add a new text expansion.

4. Choose a unique phrase to trigger your text expansion. Tip: use symbols or less common letters to avoid accidental expansions.

  • I found it easiest to type my text in a text editor and then paste it in the window. You avoid having to type in a tiny box and dealing with new lines.
  • If you choose to type your expansion in the window: To add a new-line break use ‘control’ + ‘return’ and leave a full line in between the lines you want to break.



    Zaheer M.


   Zaheer M.

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