Star Trails – Attempt #2

300 30-second pictures at f/8. Combined in StarStaX and lightly edited bottom part of roof in Photoshop. North Start right up top. Just gotta aim higher!

Star Trails

The Power of a Word

Three words (technical, programming, & coding) mostly synonymous with each other in the context, yet thousands of views apart. As I set out to research some terms for my new site to assist in SEO, I turned to Google Adwords’ keyword analysis for some data. The results were somewhat surprising but I look forward to using this data in optimizing my site.

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Guerilla Marketing

I have 0 reach. Nada. Null. Nil. However you put it.

After interning at a startup this past summer and more recently working on my own product, InterTechTion, I am realizing how important and beneficial guerrilla marketing can be. Conventional ways of marketing involve contacting blogs and other news outlets. The problem with this is that unless you have a really really amazing product, you won’t get covered. So what are us little folks supposed to do? Guerilla Marketing.

Wikipedia has a great article on some guerrilla marketing tactics which I found to be very interesting. Below I’ll divulge into two tactics I’ve used and how successful I’ve been with them.

1. Instagram – As a hobbyist photographer and active Instagram user, I’ve gained quite a following in a pretty short time span. For InterTechTion, which targets student/inquisitive programmers, Instagram was not very helpful because of the very narrow target demographic. The company I interned for though had created an iPhone app and was mostly targeting younger folks – a perfect fit for Instagram users especially when Instagram was only available for iPhone.

Lesson: Leverage whatever online community/social network you are part of. Try to make your product appealing and relevant even if it isn’t a perfect fit.

2. Student Clubs – I knew from the get-go that InterTechTion would focus on students and programmers that are still developing their careers. While more labor-intensive, I found this strategy to be the most rewarding. Using a template email with a few modifications sent to the boards of various Computer Science related clubs, I got a lot more subscribers through this method than all others. The response was positive in many other ways as well. Guerilla marketing in most cases requires a more intimate connection with the target customer. By sending a slightly personalized email, I was able to garner a response from some individuals and gained some valuable feedback.

Lesson: Create a more intimate connection with a potential customer. Find clubs and societies relating to your product, many also have mailing lists that can reach even more users.

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O-Notation Quick Reference Visualizer (Graphic)

Occasionally I’ll want to see a quick comparison of common O-notations. I whipped up this site using flot to be a O-notation quick-reference. It will beautifully expand to fit your screen (may need to refresh). Hope you like it! As always let me know if you have comments/suggestions!

P.S. Be sure to check out my latest endeavor: InterTechTion!